Lately I,

have been binge watching my life away and dying all the life out of my hair.




I have face masks and a plan.

I'm developing a bit of normalcy in my schedule and dabbling in adulthood and it's been going well. Very well indeed if I may say. Let's not get crazy though I still only managed to do my taxes about an hour before the deadline and I have yet to pick a primary care physician but the point is shit is [mostly] getting done. I'm averaging about a book and 3 Netflix series a month, while maintaining a minimum of 2 jobs and a social life and showering and painting and breathing and since it's warm again SHAVING plus highlight and food [YIKES] etc. etc. etc. etc... 

((P.S.A to all: if you need help adulting -- buy facial masks/scrubs and a gym membership))

Having clean pores and the promise of possibly an ab or at least just some time to myself to listen to a new album or being able to Netflix some place other than my couch does wonders. (Apparently not for my grammar though; can you say RUNONSENTENCES?) Or maybe it's the fact that I have 3 jobs now so my body is just adjusting to responsibility on its own... *shrugs* In any case, these little baby steps are slowly making me into a real human. My hair is regaining moisture I'm working through my reading list (and by that I mean actually finishing the books I'm starting) and I haven't seen a blackhead in at least a month #progress!

----unrelated but necessary to acknowledge, I have learned to make up. I can contour. I can blend. I can even eyebrow. YASSSSSSsssSSssSSSsssssSSssss.... #GOME #i'dliketothankyoutube

Speaking of new albums..... (er... way up there somewhere I mentioned this I think/hope) Little Dragon. Kendrick Lamar. Goldlink. Drake. Gorillaz. E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G!!

Did I mention I had the flu, a common cold, allergies, some sinus nightmare and pink eye? well. That happened. I lived. Barely.


P.S. I'll social media/blog more promisepromise. I'll even try to keep a decent train of thought going.