My God! I haven't posted anything since September!

Hiiiiiiii! Happy Holidayssssssss! I hope I was gone but not forgotten.? Any who quick update...

I haven't updated much of anything!


You're caught up!


Um.... Let's see. I haven't been a complete degenerate I swear. I reconciled my Etsy account! (probably used the wrong word there but I'm sleep deprived and I don't care so blah)

I work at this wonderful new bar now. It's brand spanking new. Oooooh! It's called Jackie Lee's! --But don't stalk me. But do go if you need a new bar to go to and do bring us money.

Oh yeah.. Etsy! same name as here, because I'm working on consistency. Someone said it was key.

So in case you don't know where you even are..... my Etsy store is called DDippedinPaint exciting right? *adds button to bottom of site page for those of you who are too lazy to type it*

I tried Skinny Coffee Club.... Coffee was decent. Lost no weight. Even gave up bread for it. Super bummed about that. 

It's after 1 am.. I have work tomorrow and I need to watch my missed episode of SMILF so I'm actually just gonna cut this short. I think that's enough of an update for now anyway. Save some for later amirite? 

I hope that you miss me a little while I'm gone... If you do you can buy a thing and give me a reason to update my sites and tings *wink*

SPEAKING OFFFFFFF....... I has tote bags now and they cute. Phone cases coming soooooon(ish).

k. love you. bye.

So basically I covered it with this.  


The reason I even made that is because someone decided to lay their coat over this  


Before my poor baby got the chance to dry.  

R. I. P.  

Lately I,

have been binge watching my life away and dying all the life out of my hair.




I have face masks and a plan.

I'm developing a bit of normalcy in my schedule and dabbling in adulthood and it's been going well. Very well indeed if I may say. Let's not get crazy though I still only managed to do my taxes about an hour before the deadline and I have yet to pick a primary care physician but the point is shit is [mostly] getting done. I'm averaging about a book and 3 Netflix series a month, while maintaining a minimum of 2 jobs and a social life and showering and painting and breathing and since it's warm again SHAVING plus highlight and food [YIKES] etc. etc. etc. etc... 

((P.S.A to all: if you need help adulting -- buy facial masks/scrubs and a gym membership))

Having clean pores and the promise of possibly an ab or at least just some time to myself to listen to a new album or being able to Netflix some place other than my couch does wonders. (Apparently not for my grammar though; can you say RUNONSENTENCES?) Or maybe it's the fact that I have 3 jobs now so my body is just adjusting to responsibility on its own... *shrugs* In any case, these little baby steps are slowly making me into a real human. My hair is regaining moisture I'm working through my reading list (and by that I mean actually finishing the books I'm starting) and I haven't seen a blackhead in at least a month #progress!

----unrelated but necessary to acknowledge, I have learned to make up. I can contour. I can blend. I can even eyebrow. YASSSSSSsssSSssSSSsssssSSssss.... #GOME #i'dliketothankyoutube

Speaking of new albums..... (er... way up there somewhere I mentioned this I think/hope) Little Dragon. Kendrick Lamar. Goldlink. Drake. Gorillaz. E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G!!

Did I mention I had the flu, a common cold, allergies, some sinus nightmare and pink eye? well. That happened. I lived. Barely.


P.S. I'll social media/blog more promisepromise. I'll even try to keep a decent train of thought going.


It seems my life consists only of fantasy. I often visualize getting my life together, moving from my parents house into a small studio apartment with no bed. I would sleep on the hard wooden floor, it would be uncomfortable, but a small price to pay to rid myself of my addiction. Soon I would become the man of my dreams, a man who was so busy fulfilling his goals that he never slept, only short power naps on the couch, over a current project at his desk, or in the bed of a strange and beautiful woman. Soon this man would become great, because he had no place to hide, no place to run, he was forced to face his realities. He no longer had a place to dream, and if he was to ever experience his dreams again it would be when he was making them into realities.(I have to get rid of my bed)......
— Mshindi Manning